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 May 31, 2007 - It's a Competition

After reading "The First 90 Days of Marriage" (in my first ninety days of marriage), I've just now realized that I haven't been the competitor that I should be.  Eric Ludy challenges husbands to a duel of sorts, and I want to be up to the challenge.  He challenges all spouses, particularly husbands, to be superherospouses.  He makes the point that to be a superhero spouse, you must be willing to make personal sacrifices.  There's a reason they are called sacrifices and I'm slowly learning this.  Time is a huge issue for me.  It's not all my time.  I need to be there for my wife, and not only when she asks to spend time with me.  I'm learning.

I am in a competition.  I am competing for Best. Husband. Ever.  I am competing against every husband out there and I encourage all the husbands or potential husbands to join me in this fierce competition.  It definitely won't be an easy course, but I'm willing to step up.  Are you?  Who is with me on this?


May 22, 2007 - Endless Possibilities

Where have I been? That's a question I've been asking myself. It's been about two weeks since my last post, and I hope it doesn't become a regular occurence. There's been a few reasons for my absense and I'm sure you're all dying to know why. Well, one reason is not all that exciting, and the other could be extremely exciting.

Since the beginning of May, I've missed five days of work. That's three weeks where I've missed at least a day per week. That's not good, unless of course you think being sick is good, in which case you're very...different. I was getting a little sick tired of being sick. When my customers asked what I had, I told them I had the plague. In my mind, this probably wasn't too far from the truth. Hopefully it's not from Chino Bandito. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't trust them with making some of my favorite dishes made from cat Mexican/Chinese dishes.

The exciting news is that I'm going through the interviewing process for a job. It's actually a youth pastor the Centennial State. The idea of it excites and scares me almost equally. I love the area it's in and I love the size of the church. It's just perfect for me. I just hope I'm perfect for the church. I had a phone interview with the pastor and I feel very comfortable talking with him. I just hope that when the deacons and elders meet, they make the right decision. If I'm part of that decision, that would be amazing. If I'm not, then so be it. God has something else for me. I just pray that God would guide Jess and I in the right direction.

[Comment by: Steve]

[Comment: "Umm.... wow. ..... that is all. .... I guess not, I'll be praying for you buddy....... wow."]


May 7, 2007 - Spider-Dud

I saw a great movie this weekend. It had action, mystery, comedy, and quite a few people with hidden identities. Oh yeah, I saw Spider-Man 3 too. The movie I was talking about in the first sentence was Clue. I highly recommend it if you haven't yet seen it. I don't, however, recommend the new Spider-Man debacle. I don't understand how anyone involved with the movie allowed this to be presented to paying viewers. The guy who brings the actors and crew coffee in the morning should have said something like, oh I don't know, like, "This is not a good movie."

There are good parts in the movie, but they are spaced too far apart. Several times I almost forgot what I was watching. There's about ten percent Spider-Man, about fifty percent of the love triangle between Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Harry Osborn, and the rest was a forgetful Tobey Maguire. Apparently he kept losing his mask. Maybe he wanted more face time on screen to show his lack of skill as an actor. I don't know what it was, but it made me feel uneasy. I somehow like the character of Peter Parker a lot less now. Especially after the scene where he "strutted" his stuff. I'm guessing that's the scene where Brad said he was about to walk out. Brad, I was tempted also. At that time, Jess asked me, "when is this movie over?" I had to see the end, because I had to see Venom. When we did get to that (short) part, I was a little disappointed. I don't remember Venom "unmasking" himself so often in the comics. I was a little annoyed that Brock's face kept emerging from the symbiote. Also, what happened to the tongue? Wasn't that part of Venom's signature look?

Throughout the movie, I kept asking myself how they messed this movie up. All the actors are the same and the director of the first two, Sam Raimi, returned as his role of director. It felt like this whole franchise did a whole Joel Schumacher thing on us, but it didn't because it's the same guy directing. What I did learn, on the other hand, is that as well as returning to direct, Sam Raimi picked up the role of writer. In the first two, the screenplays were done by completely different people and Stan Lee had a lot more to do with them. Here's a tip Raimi, stick with the director's chair, but please, for the sake of everyone, drop the pen.

Just an added note Spider-Spud is more entertaining than the movie, much more.

[Comment by: Neil]

[Comment:  "this movie was akin to something monkeys throw at the zoo."]

[Comment by: Steve]

[Comment: "Spider-Spud is awesome!!"


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